Labuan Bajo and Ubud

We had a very long 34 hour journey from Gili Air to Labuan Bajo – 3 boats and 2 buses. The last leg on the ferry was the best part, I got some good sleep and we had lovely views coming up to land. 

Eventually we arrived and began to explore Labuan Bajo town. We walked up to a view point and ate our packed lunch, it was lovely! 

The main reason of going to Labuan Bajo, Flores, was to see the wild Komodo dragons at Komodo national park so the next day we had a very early start for a day boat trip out to the islands. We started at Padar island with the amazing view point. Then we went to Komodo island and began looking for the dragons, after seeing a baby in a tree and a youth hiding in bushes we were lucky to see a grown adult dragon walking towards us! It was scarily amazing!! Our guides were telling us to stand still and slowly move backwards!!! It was very quick but so glad we got to see one in their natural habitat. After this we went to pink beach and done a bit of snorkelling. Finally we went to manta point and snorkelled, the Reef was beautiful very healthy and we saw 2 big marine turtles! I saw a mantaray from the boat but unfortuantley couldn’t spot any whilst in the water snorkelling. The day was very good but in all spent 13 hours on the boat – a long day – but caught a nice sunset on the boat!

We had a few more days in Labuan Bajo before flying back to Bali, we explored on a moped to try and find more view points or beaches but we didn’t end up finding much just many dirt roads. We had our first fall on a moped! It was more of a small bum and I landed on my bum, thankfully it was only a skid in the sand and we were all ok! After this we gave the bike back and found a tiny “beach” that we sat on for the last day, trying to get our last bits of sun! We watched the last sunset by our B&B which was beautiful and then got ready for the next flight. 

Our last few days in Indonesia were a mix of lovely sunshine and rain! We planned on exploring as much as we could on foot in Ubud but most days the weather held us back a bit! We had really good food here and made the most of the healthy Balinese fruit and smoothie bowls, our homestay also had good Bali breakfasts! We ventured into the crazy busy ubud markets and found the rice terrace walk. 

On our last day we had even more good food and tret ourselves to a traditional Balinese massage. It was a bit rough but lovely! Sunshine was out most of the day but it was time to start the long journey back to England!



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