Canggu and Kuta Lombok

We arrived in our final country, Indonesia, and went straight to Canggu, Bali. It wasn’t the nicest start to Bali after being hassled by 100s of taxi drivers late at night at the airport, eventually we got ‘grab’ bikes to our guesthouse by the beach. 

The next morning we went to explore what we thought would be a white sandy beach with clear waters, but it was a black sand beach full of surfers as the waves were huge! It was a different sort of beach but nice to relax and watch the surfers. 

We had great food here, many vegan and healthy restaurants around. We loved the smoothie bowls! 

We had a very early wake up call at 1:30am one morning to climb Mt Batur for sunrise. This was amazing! It was something we wanted to do whilst in Bali and managed to find fairly cheap deals in Canggu. We started the walk at 4am with our torches, it was full of people doing the same as us so the walk was fairly slow as you had to walk in single file. We arrived at the summit at 6am and sat to wait and enjoy the view. It was quite cloudy and we only had a few moments where the clouds cleared and we could take in the amazing view of the mountains, lake and sunrise. 

It was very cold at the summit, we were there around an hour and after the group were tired of looking at the big mist of clouds and couldn’t feel our hands and feet anymore we started the walk back down. The walk down started steep and slippery, I had a few falls on my bum! Eventually we were back at the mini van by 9am ready for the drive back to Canggu. 

We napped most of the day and then got ready for flying to Lombok the day after. We stayed in Kuta Lombok for a few days and unfortunately didn’t have the best weather. 1 day we explored some of the island on a moped which was fun, all the locals were really friendly and we saw some amazing scenery. We wandered around the beach areas and watched the sunset. The next day was full on rain so we didn’t venture out far apart from getting many things ready for our next mountain adventure! 



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