Malaysian Borneo

Borneo was 2 weeks filled with incredible wildlife, from rare tiny insects to spotting an 80kg Alfa male orang utan! We started in Kota Kinabalu which is an ok city, we found a good food market and had some fresh calamari and prawns! We saw mount Kinabalu (clouded over) and wished we’d booked onto climb it but we managed to do a few trails around the base and visited the canopy walkway and the pouring hot springs. We drove through Ranau and saw the bright green tea plantation. 

Then we made our way to Kinabatangan river which was so good! We done 3 river cruises – 2 late afternoon and 1 sunrise. We spotted many birds and long tailed macaque monkeys. We also saw lots of probosicus monkeys which were amazing to watch. 1 trip we were lucky enough to see a mother orang utan with her baby hidden in a tree. Whilst staying on the river we done a short walk through the jungle and got eaten alive by the mosquitoes!! 

After the river we went to the gutamong caves and it was definitely an experience!! We didn’t know anything about these caves until we arrived, they are filled with birds nests stuck to the ceiling and walls which are collected twice a year to make the rare Chinese delicacy – birds nest soup. The cave was vile. Not only was it filled with birds nests, but 1000s of bats, cockroaches, rats, spiders, centerpedes, birds and the occasional stray dog. It was interesting to see but smelt awful and the walkway was slippy with bird poo and cockroaches! We were out of there as soon as we could. Outside the caves we saw a handful of wild orang utans high in the tree tops!! That helped us forget about the cave! 

Then we went to the heart of the orang utans in Sepilok. We ended up staying here for 6 days! We split our time between relaxing by the resort pool and visiting the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. The centre was amazing, we went 3 times and each time saw something different. On the first visit we saw many cheeky orang utans walking on the board walk and in the wild with the public, the second time we were so lucky and saw an Alfa male who hadn’t been seen for over 14 months! He scared all the juveniles off and ate their food! And on the final visit we saw long tail and pig tail macaque monkeys stealing the food and then in the afternoon saw the most orang utans in one place – juveniles, mum and baby and wild adults. At one point they were all madly fighting over fresh coconuts! Every visit was incredible to see. One evening at dinner in the resort a wild orang Utan came in and sat for a while eyeing up everyone’s food!! 

We had to go back to Kota Kinabalu for our flight onto our final country but we had 1 extra day there. We went snorkelling for the day in Tunku Abdul Marine Park, it was a nice way to end Borneo. 



One thought on “Malaysian Borneo

  1. Fantastic photo’s Em, but I don’t believe you ate the prawn still with its legs and eyes intact! Keep enjoying yourselves

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