Malaysian Islands and Kuala Lumpur

We heard a lot of good things about the islands on the east coast of Malaysia so we went to the Perhinthians and stayed on little Perhinthian (Pulau Kechil). We spent 5 days on the island, going between coral bay and long beach, eating buffet BBQs and drinking milkshakes. Also unfortunately getting attacked by the vicious mosquitoes!! 
We had a lovely view of the sunset from our bungalow and tried to watch it every night. 

One day we went snorkelling around the island and saw 3 black tip Reef sharks and a massive Marine turtle. It was amazing to see! 

Then we made our way to a much smaller island, Pulau Kapas, which was further south. The island had less people and restaurants but the beach was amazing. After 1 night in a cheap broken tent we moved to a nicer beach hut and found the ‘family dinners’ at the accommodation the best food in the evening. We spent our days here relaxing on the beach and snorkelling. There was also a 9 week old monkey, Tony, who lived on the island so it was nice to see him occasionally. 

After fully recharging our batteries on the islands we needed to go back to Kuala Lumpur before our next flight. We wandered around the city and went to the Petronas towers in the evening – it was amazing to see.  

We didn’t really know what to expect in Malaysia but it has been a favourite country so far, amazing and many different sites, friendly people and such good food! 



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