Georgetown, Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara

We got a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur which was nice and easy, then got a bus out of KL the next morning to Penang. We stayed in Georgetown for a short amount of time but it was enough to explore the small area, find the street art and have some amazing food in Little India. 

The hostel we stayed at also had 2 friendly cats which was nice! 

Then we went to Cameron Highlands which was much cooler than Penang! We saw the strawberry farms, mossy forest and the tea plantation. It was really pretty! 

We then went on a few trails once back at Tanah Rata, these were really pretty too!

After spending a few nights in Cameron Highlands we were eager to get to the famous Taman Negara and trek through the worlds oldest rainforest. We got a bus and then a 2 hour boat ride to get there, the boat ride was beautiful and we passed wild yaks bathing. We were greeted with many cats, we walked around the tiny village and found a tour package we were interested in. 

The next morning we began our 2 days in the rainforest. It was an amazing experience. We walked 8km each day through the muddy, slippery and wet rainforest – also filled with leeches! And we spent the night in a cave half way along the walk. It was fun sitting with our guide with candles and cooking and then making campfires. In the morning we had smokey toast then began our walk for the day. 

We also went over the canopy walkway and visited a village in the heart of the rainforest. 

It was a rough, sweaty and muddy couple of days but so much fun and our guide Emy took us to a food market when we finished! 

Now we needed some sun and relaxation, so we were heading to the islands!



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