Laos has definitely exceeded our expectations and we’ve loved our time here! We flew into Luang Prabang and had 1 day there before heading north. We went to Kuang Si Waterfalls which were beautiful! The water was full of tiny fish that bite your feet! I couldn’t bare the tickley feeling and had to keep my feet out but Joe would let them bite for days!! There was also a bear rescue centre on the way up to the falls which was lovely to see!

We heard that the trekking in Laos was very good so we went to Luang Namtha to explore the Nam Ha National Protected Area. We found the company Forest Retreat Laos and started a 2 day jungle trek and 1 day kayak along the Nam Ha river. There was a small group of 5 of us for the 3 days and it was nice! The 2 days in the jungle were tough, there was no real track to follow, just our guide. So watching where you step was crucial! We stayed in a lovely village right on the river, had a campfire and got to see how the locals lived. We visited many villages around the track and it was so amazing to see the lifestyle, schools and one village even had a monkey! Although it was on a very short chain which wasn’t pleasant but he was so friendly!! 

After climbing the mountain to see the view, our next night we stayed in the Forest Retreat Laos’ jungle camp. It was a beautiful location, secluded and right on the river. No campfire this evening tho as there was lots of thunder, lightning and rain! 

Then we started the 14km kayak along the Nam Ha River for the last day. Again the scenery the whole day was stunning! Kayaking was so fun even in the dry season and the water level was low. We just had tired arms by the end of the day! We had a few stops for a short swim, play on the rope swing and stopped at villages along the river before our final banana leaf spread lunch! 

After returning back to the office we all went our seperate ways and we headed back to Luang Prabang over night. We spent the next few days relaxing and recovering round the hostel pool. Our bodies definitely needed it! Every night we strolled to the night market and ate the vegetarian buffet which was sooo good and cheap! 

We woke up early 2 mornings and took part in the alms-giving to the monks. It was such a special thing to see and take part in. 

On our last evening we walked up Mount Phou Si and watched the sunset which was lovely! 

Fully rested we’re ready for Thailand again!


One thought on “Laos

  1. I keep saying ‘wow’ but it really is wow! Mind you, don’t you worry about creepy crawlies when you’re trekking through jungle? I’d be wetting myself every time something moved 😲 The food you’re having looks delicious, so many different things to try. Take very good care xxx

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