Mandalay and Inle

We arrived in Mandalay, Myanmar and were greeted by the friendliest people! We only spent 1 full day in the city so decided to hire bikes and explore as much as we could. 

We managed the see the majority of the cities amazing Pagodas and got covered in the traditional face paint – Thanka. 

We walked up Mandalay Hill and enjoyed the beautiful view, also the sleepy cats. 

Then we made our way to Kalaw and started a 3 day trek to Inle Lake. This was such an amazing 3 days, we met some great people, saw incredible views and spent time in different villages with friendly families. The only downside was the amount of blisters I gained!!

23km down after day one. 

29km walked on day two, drank traditional green tea and finished the day by watching the sunset in the mountains! 

The last day was 18km to Inle Lake, at the finish line we were taken around the lake exploring the floating gardens, silver and clothing factories. Then we celebrated with a pizza and some pancakes! 70km done, 8 blisters and a swollen ankle gained but what an amazing experience! 



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