Bagan and Yangon

We got to the beautiful archeological town of Bagan very early in the morning in time to watch our first sunrise here. We rented e-bikes from our guesthouse and went out to find a good viewpoint. A friendly local passed us and another couple and took us to a small Pagoda where only a handful of other tourists were waiting. We climbed to the top and waited. The view was amazing and we managed to see some hot air balloons even though we thought the season had ended! 

Our 3 days in Bagan consisted of biking around the 2000+ Pagodas, napping in the mid day 40 degree heat! And watching every sunrise and sunset in different spots. It was such a beautiful place and locals were all really nice to add to it. 

We arrived in Yangon early in the morning and spent the day wandering around the city, we saw the Shwedagon Pagoda and Kandawgyi Lake. The lake was lovely to walk around. 

Our last day in Myanmar was the first day of their new year’s celebrations which is a city wide water fight!! We went out and got involved – even got ourselves some water guns!! It was such a nice day seeing everyone celebrating and tourists getting involved! 

Very glad we added Myanmar into our travel plans last minute! Now for country number 8! 



One thought on “Bagan and Yangon

  1. It looks amazing there. Such beautiful photos, the hot air balloons and sunsets. Great way to spend new year! Take very good care and carry on having an amazing time.
    Love Sarah

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