North Thailand

After flying into Bangkok we spent a couple of days wandering the streets, trying the food and organising visas for our next stage. We went straight up north to Pai and had a lovely few days relaxing in the small hammock town! 

We rented mopeds for a day and went out to Sai Ngam hot spring, Pai Canyon and also Pam Bok waterfall (which was completely dry due to dry season!) 

Crystal clear water at the hot spring and a sweet little girl handed out natural mud. 

Pai Canyon is a popular spot for sunset but because of the crop burning season the sky was fairly misty and you weren’t able to see much! 

We made the most out of our mopeds the next morning before having to return them and went to see Mo Paeng waterfall – again this was completely dry because of dry season but we had a nice ride and breakfast when we got there. 

Pai walking street has a market every night which was really nice, the town had a lovely vibe and people were very nice here. I discovered Thai tea which is amazing! And we were recommended the dish Khao Soi which we ended up having every night!! 

We then got on the mini bus to Chiang Mai for a few days before our next flight. We spent a whole day walking around the city, exploring the temples and stopping for food and drink along the way. 

The Sunday night market was a very different experience to Pai night market! It was huge and unbelievably busy!! We spent hours wandering the many streets of it, it was great! 

Visiting an elephant sanctuary was top on our list before we left home and we got to go to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary for a morning to feed, mud bath and wash with the elephants. This was one of the best things I’ve done and will never forget!!

Learning about these amazing animals and spending a few hours with them was such an incredible experience! 

We decided to book onto a cooking class that evening as we heard many good things about them in Chiang Mai, and it was so good! We got to make 4 different dishes and eat everything we made!

Dish one: Pad Thai stir fry

Dish two: Vegetable spring roll

Dish three: Khao Soi curry paste and curry

Dish four: Deep fried banana

Filled with amazing Thai food we’re ready to step foot in our next country!!



One thought on “North Thailand

  1. The elephant experience looks amazing, I’m so jealous. Your cooking looks fun and very delicious. So pleased you’re having such an amazing time xxx

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