Banaue, Batad and Boracay

We flew from Coron to Manila, caught an over night bus from Manila and eventually arrived in Banaue. It was beautiful, as we got off the bus we watched the sun rise over the famous rice terraces. 

We checked in, spoke to others arriving and all got ready for a day out exploring Banaue and Batad. Our driver took us to the Banaue rice terraces lookout point, then we drove about an hour to Batad where we trekked a couple of hours through the incredible rice terraces, villages and made our way to the amazing waterfall. 

The next day we all decided to go to the natural hot springs in Hunduan, it was about an hour from Banaue and then an hour trekking through the Hunduan rice terraces before reaching the pools. 

Then we had to take the long journey down to Boracay where we were spending our last days in the Philippines. After taking many buses and an over night ferry we arrived and spent the next 4 days relaxing on White Beach. We felt very lazy but it was well needed, beautiful beach and had the prettiest sunsets. 

Philippines was beautiful but now time for our next stop. 



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