Hong Kong

Next was Hong Kong!! We arrived late afternoon, checked in and wandered around Prince Edward area for something to eat. Hong Kong is an amazing city to walk around, we spent almost our whole second day exploring by foot. We walked around the city and got on the star ferry over to Hong Kong Island. 

Wandered around some more and got in the queue for the peak tram. Luckily the queue wasn’t too bad and we were on the tram within 30 mins. 

The view from the peak was incredible! It is a must for going to Hong Kong. It was fairly breezy up there but just take extra layers. After taking in the view we made our way down and went for dinner. 

After dinner at our favourite restaurant Braza, we decided to go back up to the peak to see the view at night! It was a lot busier in the evening, crowds taking selfies, barging and pushing, so we didn’t stay as long but it was well worth the view. It again was amazing and think it even topped the view in the day. 

Our third and final day in Hong Kong was spent at Hong Kong Disneyland! This was so much fun and had a great day there. Again it was crowded and queues were long but we expected that! We watched the flights on fantasy parade in the afternoon, the festival of the lion king, and in the evening the disney paint the night parade and the fireworks spectacular. It was an amazing day!

Getting around Hong Kong was so easy, buses, trains, walking and the people are very helpful in the city! We could’ve spent an extra day or so there to explore some more but we have now ticked off Hong Kong from our bucket list. 



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