Fiji – Island Hopping

We had a 10 day Bula Pass to travel between the Mamanucas and Yasawas islands, we started at Nacula island the furthest from port denerau and our plan was the work our way back. We stayed at Blue Lagoon Resort which was beautiful! We had a few days lounging by the beach and enjoying the amazing food at the resort. 

Our next island was Nanuya Balavu island and we were staying at Manta Ray Resort. This island was a little more lively than Blue Lagoon, the resort was bigger and had the most amazing coral reef just off the shore. We snorkelled most of the time we stayed there and it was incredible! I would even say better than the Great Barrier Reef! We saw an octopus, 1000s of colourful fish, schools of squid and in one morning we saw 4 Reef sharks!! Unfortunatley we didn’t manage to spot any mantarays as it was just out of season! We also went kayaking and got involved in bracelet making. 

Next stop was Waya Island and Octopus Resort, this was very similar to Blue Lagoon. The sea was fairly rough by the shore and every time we attempted to go out on a snorkelling trip – it was cancelled. So we spent most of our time here relaxing by the pool. The food and entertainment here was great! Quiz night, movie night under the stars, crab racing, Kava night, there was something going on every night. 

The last resort we stayed at was Bounty Island resort which is part of the Mamanucas Islands. This was a very small island and took us 30 mins to walk around the entire edge. We enjoyed more snorkelling and kayaking here which was fun and relaxed by the pool and seafront. The resort is home to 100s of baby turtles and we got to help with turtle feeding and cleaning!! 

Back to Nadi to get ready for our next flight and next adventure. 



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