Manapouri and Milford Sound

We drove across to the west coast and stopped at Manapouri, just before Doubtful and Milford Sound. The weather here was not great, wet and cloudy which was a shame! Our cute campsite had access to a few short walks which led to Frazers Beach. 

The campsites friendly cat. 

Then we arrived at the beautiful Milford Sound. The drive up to the area was so picturesque with mountains and valleys. 

We checked in at the Milford Sound Lodge and went out for an afternoon exploring the area. We went on the foreshore walk in the centre of Milford Sound, which was amazing but slightly windy! 

We saw the Chasm. 

And went on a 3 hour walk up Lake Marian. 

We ended the day at the Lookout track and saw amazing views of the mountains. 

The weather the next day turned bad again, rainy, windy and very cloudy! We had already planned to go on the Key Summit walk so we packed our waterproofs and went out. 

The track was a 3 hours return up to a Lookout point across the mountains and valleys. When we got to the top (managing through the wind and rain) the view was nothing but clouds! So it was back to the camper to dry off and get ready for the next location. 



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