Wellington to Oamaru

Wellington was where we had to drop off our car and head over to the South Island, we had a day to explore the capital whilst we were there. Nice city with the huge Te Papa museum, windy coast line and cute shops and restaurants along Cuba St. 

After dropping off our rental car we got on the interislander ferry across to Picton and started our journey down to Christchurch – where we were picking up our camper van! We had to take an 8 hour coach to get to Christchurch as there are many road closures due to the recent earthquake along the coast. 

Finally arriving in Christchurch and in our camper, we headed to Akaroa. 

Akaroa was a lovely little town with a beautiful harbour, shops and restaurants. We had severe wind weather warnings whilst we were there so to avoid the wind we didn’t head out too much. 

We then headed down to Oamaru, we stayed a night along the coast. We ventured out in the evening hoping to see some wild blue penguins come up to shore. After waiting a while in the cold wind we saw a small colony of penguins waddle up to the shore to feed their young, we were a distance away and they looked tiny from where we were! But we managed to see many seals around the coastal rocks too! 

Now for a long drive west across the country! 



One thought on “Wellington to Oamaru

  1. Ah Em, every photo looks straight out of a travel brochure , so many amazing memories already ……..
    stay well, stay safe and keep having fun!

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