Waitomo and Rotorua

Driving south our next stop was Rotorua. On the way we took a detour west and went to the Waitomo Glow Worm caves. We went on a 3 hour black water rafting trip through the glow worn caves, this was one of my favourite activities to far! Black water rafting was so fun and it was amazing to see the glow worms lighting up the cave. No photos were allowed on this trip – many metres under ground. 
We arrived in Rotorua – the area with the ‘rotten egg’ smell from the Geysers and filled with Maori culture. We went to Wai-O-Tapu, we saw the Lady Knox Geyser erupt and walked through the thermal wonderland seeing many mud pools, craytors and geysers. The colours coming from these natural wonders were beyond beautiful, the smell wasn’t so bad either. 

One evening we booked on the Tamaki Maori Village trip to enter the world of Maori life. This was a very interesting evening filled with Maori rituals, performance and food. I would recommend anyone travelling to New Zealand to embrace in a Maori experience as it was amazing to get an insight into the culture and way of life. 

On our short drive onto the next stop at Lake Taupo, we stopped at Waikite Thermal Hot Springs. This was a lovely small natural spa with 6 different hot pools. Just what we needed before we left. 



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