Taupo and Tongariro

We stopped at Lake Taupo for a few nights and went to see Huka Falls, spa park natural hot springs and lounged by the Great Lake. 

Huka Falls was amazing, the waterfall is huge with an amazing turquoise blue colour to the water. 

These natural hot springs were a short drive or an hours walk from Huka Falls and they’re free! We had a short relaxing break around the rocks, some areas were much hotter than others. It was a really nice atmosphere. 

The Great Lake Taupo.

Another short drive for an early morning start at Tongariro. 

We went on the best day walk in NZ – Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This was a very hard but amazing day! Walking through mountains with amazing views got us through the challenging walk. 

Soda Springs. 

Mount Ngauruhoe. 

The Red Craytor. 

Emerald Lakes. 

Blue Lake. 

On the home stretch!

At the finish! We finally completed the walk in 7.05 hours!!!

Now for a few days rest it’s onto Wellington. 



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