On our long drive down from the Bay of Islands to Coromandel we decided to make a few stop offs at some amazing waterfalls we researched. The first stop was Whangarei Falls which was a short stop to stretch our legs and a have a quick walk around. 

Then we stopped at Hunua Falls and had our packed lunches. This was a beautiful waterfall with a large pool which Joe took a dip in and I observed with my feet in! It was a very hot day but the water was not!!! 

We arrived at a campsite close to the Hot Water Beach, had our much loved BBQ and got ready for the next day out.

Sweet cat at the campsite. 

 We went to the Hot Water Beach for the morning low tide with our spade borrowed from the campsite ready to dig our own hot pool in the sand. When we arrived the hot water area was flooded with people and we waited a while to grab a spot. These pools were fascinating and you could stay lying the hot water for hours – until the tide comes in and washes the pools away. 

In the afternoon we went over to Cathedral Cove. This was one of the nicest beaches I’ve been on. It was beautiful. We laid our stuff down and had a kip on the sand, very relaxing! 

Coromandel is a large area with many lovely hot spots but we only managed to see those two and then we were heading south. 



3 thoughts on “Coromandel 

  1. Lovely photos Em trust you to make friends with a cat! So glad that you’re both well and having a great time!!
    Mum and Dad xx

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