Auckland and The Bay Of Islands 

After landing in Auckland we went to pick up our rental car from Apex car rentals and drove to our first hostel. We only spent 2 nights in Auckland, we ventured out to the harbour and found nice shops and restaurants and took a drive across to KiteKite falls in Piha, out of the city. 

We decided to buy a tent after staying in a not so nice hostel and began camping – as people have told us it’s the Kiwi way. We drove 3 hours north to the Bay of Islands and set up camp at a beautiful small campsite looking across to Haruru Falls. 

There are many trips and tours in the Bay of Islands and we chose to go to Cape Reinga with the company Great Sights. This was a good day out, the coach stopped at many different sites on the way to the furthest north point of the Northland, including driving along the 90 mile beach. The highlight for me was sand boarding at Te Paki Stream, the long climb up the sand dunes were worth the ride down. 

The lighthouse at Cape Reinga. 

We spent a day at Pahia Beach, booked an extra night at the campsite and went on another trip with Great Sights. This trip was to visit the Hole in the Rock, have an island stop off and have the possibility of swimming with wild dolphins!!! Unfortunately all the dolphins we passed had babies and you are not allowed to enter the water as it will disturb the young dolphins feeding, this was a massive shame but we were extremely lucky to see soo many from the boat, jumping and diving around the water it was an amazing thing to see. Another bonus was that we managed to see 2 different breeds of dolphin in the ocean. 

The Hole in the Rock. 

The Island stop over for lunch was at Otehei Bay – beautiful!

Then it was back to the campsite and on to our next stop. 



One thought on “Auckland and The Bay Of Islands 

  1. Ha ha the tent looks tiny!! Me or Dad wouldn’t even get through the door!! Shame you couldn’t swim with the dolphins but to see them in the wild must of been amazing!
    Mum and Dad xx

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