Iceland – The Road To Vík

We decided to take a drive down to Vík where we discovered there was a black sand beach. We passed some of the most amazing waterfalls on this 2 and a half hour journey.

Seljalandsfoss was a beautiful stretch of multiple waterfalls which you are able to climb and walk around. It is very cold and slippery due to the splashes of the falls but it truly was amazing walking through this area.

Next stop was Skogafoss, this was a lovely huge waterfall with a large stream and walking track up top. We spent a few hours here and you could’ve walk for days up there, the scenery was stunning. We were very lucky and had great weather for this walk – added bonus to the beauty of the area.

When we arrived at Vík it wasn’t so sunny and was coming to the end of the day. We had a short but sweet visit at the black sand beach and it was so interesting seeing it!

We grabbed some food to make back at our Airbnb and headed back on the road.



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