Iceland – The Golden Circle

Me and my boyfriend, Joe, have just got back from a short trip in Iceland. We packed a lot into 4 days and managed to see some amazing sights of this beautifully picturesque country!

On our first evening we went on a tour with Grayline to see the Northern Lights. It was a long, late and cold evening but after waiting starring at the dark sky for a few hours, the lights came along dancing in the sky! It was one of the best parts of the trip and we were so thankful we managed to see them! Unfortunately our iPhones didn’t pick up any good photos 😦

The Golden Circle

The golden circle was so fun and is a must-do when in Reykjavík. There is something amazing about driving on these scenic roads and being able to stop the car at almost any point to enjoy the beautiful sites and snap a photo or wander for a while!

We hired our car from Green Motion rental company and it was great! As the roads were not icey this time of year (late September) we didn’t have to hire a 4×4 although that would have been fun!

Our first stop of the golden circle was Pingvellir National Park, this was a lovely walk through rocks in the middle of amazing scenery up to a beautiful waterfall and stream to follow.

We managed to stop off nearby and pet some beautiful Icelandic ponies.

Next stop was Geysir. This was a very interesting but slightly smelly stop! It was a an amazing experience to see the Geysir erupt, it look about 10 minutes waiting with our cameras but it happened! There was also a great fairly steep walk up a hill for amazing view of the area.

Gullfoss was an incredible waterfall to see, I was really taken back. The loud sound of the gushing water and discovering how huge the waterfall is was astonishing! It was very chilly as you’d catch the sprays of the water and the wind but I was so happy to have experienced this.

We then stopped at Kerid. This was the only sight that charged for entry. It was an amazing sight full with beautiful colours and textures, I wish I had my paintbrush with me. As it was getting fairly late in the day we only walked around the top of the crater and made our way down to the water and admired the picturesque surroundings we were in.

On our way back to our cute Airbnb in  Reykjavík city we stopped at a small village called Hveragerði and wandered up a beautiful stream and passed some local fishermen.

Please see my next post to find out where we went on our next day exploring!



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