Venice was the second and final part of our short break in Italy, and it was beautiful! The island of Venezia was breath taking with it’s side streets, adorable shops and photogenic canals.

We only had an afternoon and almost a whole day in the city before setting off for home. We wish we’d has longer to explore and find ourselves lost (which happened a lot in the short space of time we had!!) So our first afternoon was spent wandering, admiring the views and eating pizza and gelato!

We stayed at the Camping Rialto campsite and we had the cutest little chalet! It was major cheap which is what we needed and it gave us a look into the travelling lifestyle. It was only a short bus journey into the island.

Our final day again was wandering the streets discovering the beautiful canals and colours of the city. We unfortunately couldn’t experience a gondala ride due to money as they’re quite pricey! 😦 maybe next time!!

I wish we had at least one more night in Venice so that we could experience a full day and night, but overall it was beautiful and has inspired me to pick up painting again!



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